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Helping People Become Productive Members of the Community

Prisoner Re-entry Assistance in Cheyenne, Wyoming

Bethel Outreach Ministries is a charitable organization helping people who are released from jail or prison to start a new life. We offer re-entry assistance to people who are aiming for a productive and better life.

We are a team of friendly staff and help you with basic requirements, including housing, food, tools, clothing and more.

We have been offering our services in Cheyenne, Wyoming, for over 15 years.

What We Do

  • We have a mentoring program that uses volunteers to lead our clients into positive activities.
  • There is also a Pen Pal Ministry that uses volunteers to write to inmates who are in institutional care in Wyoming or elsewhere.
  • We do not involve itself in the guilt or innocence of inmates, but only their spiritual and social needs.
  • While Bethel is a Christian ministry, we offer services to anyone in need.
Bethel Outreach Ministries

Become a Helping Hand

At Bethel Outreach Ministries, we are committed to providing help to individuals who needs help with the right restoration process. We assist you to overcome the barriers you encounter as you make the transition back into the community.

If you want to support and ready to contribute, please feel free to reach out to us.